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Apple Iphone 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 [Infographic]

The entry of Google Pixel into the smartphone market made considerable waves around the world, but the industry is still dominated by two major players.
Apple found their niche amongst the “cool” kids and the tech fiends. Samsung has taken more of an “everyman” approach to their device design and marketing strategies, and have seen significant success (recent explosions aside). These devices are the absolute pinnacle of human ingenuity applied to commercial purposes. The smartphone is ubiquitous in modern life. Just about everyone has one, and they rely on it to wake them up, get them to work, remind them about appointments and play Candy Crush. But at the end of the day, which phone does it better? The iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 is the greatest battle of our time. We’ve broken it down so you can get a clear picture of the capabilities of each phone, and make an informed decision about what’s right for you.



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