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Cell Phone Addiction Facts & Phone Usage Statistics

This infographic by cell phone trade-in website, BankMyCell defines the latest data and trends in Nomophobia (smartphone addiction). Many of us use smartphones too much as they are simply highly interrogated into our lifestyles through work, social and personal inclinations. So why are smartphones so addictive? Well quite simply they are impulse driven devices through over exposure of information, social networking, dating and shopping / gambling type apps.

The overuse of these devices not drains your time, but can increase anxiety, stress, narcissism, depression and sleep deprivation. If you’re finding it harder to complete your normal daily tasks and work due to concentration issues and feeling anxious when you’re away from your device, chances are you have some level of addiction.

This infographic covers popular questions such as how much time does someone spend on their phone daily and delves into the unknown. For example, how is it impacting the development of your child or teenager, what mental and physical impacts is it having on you and how to break up with your phone?

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Cell Phone Addiction Facts & Phone Usage Statistics