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Data Loss & Recovery – Infographic

Data loss and recovery

Most computer users do not know a lot about data loss and how to recover lost information. Whether it is your PC or other external drive, you may lose your data because of different reasons and circumstances. Your hardware may fail or your system could crash. The reasons for data loss are many but the good news is that it is possible to recover lost information.

Reasons for data loss

You could lose data for many reasons. A power outage or accidentally or deliberately deleting files can cause data loss. Data formatting can also erase your data and another reason for data loss is a natural disaster. If you lose data, then you should take measures to recover your data.

Data loss because of unintentional action

Many of us mistakenly delete our files. We may even mistakenly delete an entire partition on our hard drives. Another reason for unintentional data loss is misplacing CDs or memory sticks. A computer virus can result in lost data, and the same is the case when our systems are hacked.

Data loss statistics

46 percent of data users have lost their data in the past decade. About half of all data drives fail within five years of use. 72 percent of businesses that suffer a data loss have to shut their business within two years of such loss. 36 percent of data loss means customer information and financial data has been lost. 15 percent of household’s experience theft at least once every year.

Data Loss in different countries

The USA (25.5%) tops the list of countries that lose data. Next, comes the Netherlands (16.8%) and they are followed by Germany with 11.4 percent. Great Britain is the next country to experience a lot of data loss with 5.6 percent. India and Ireland have the fewest cases of data loss with 0.7 percent.

Data Recovery

When you lose data, it remains on the storage media unless it is overwritten by fresh data. To recover data, you may need to repair your hard drive or you may need to copy the image of the hard drive to a new drive. The cost of such services is between 700 and 1500 dollars.