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SmartPhones, Devoted Users

The infographic Smart Phones, Devoted Users offers a look at the characteristics and attitudes of those that own a smart phone.  Some of the key statistics from the infographic include:

  • 65% of iPhone owners can not live without their smart phone
  • 40% would rather give up coffee than their iPhone
  • 18% would stop bathing everyday instead of giving up their iPhone
  • Cell phone owners that make $75K or more are 3-4 times more likely to own a Blackberry or iPhone
  • One study found that iPhone users perceived themselves as slightly more optimistic and easy-going than Android users do
  • Early adopters of cell phones were rich (the cost of the phone was $3,995) and strong (the weight was 2 lbs)

Characteristics and Attitudes of Smart Phone Users

Infographic Source: Coupon Audit

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