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The 5 best cars for new drivers

Whether you aren’t very car savvy, or you just want a second opinion on whether the car you have you eye on is right for you, it can be hard to pick which model to opt for when buying your first car. With so much information to digest, it can be hard to know what’s important for a new driver and what features are just nice bonuses. In order to help, Dayinsure have recently completed a study which looked at the most popular cars in the UK and examined them across a number of pertinent categories to discover the best cars for new drivers in the UK.
This infographic highlights their top 5 picks, and also with the final ranking give you an insight into each vehicle with the most important data. Everything you need to make a quick informed decision. However, if you take a look at the full article you can see the full comparison of all of the cars, as well as first-hand accounts from ex owners and more.

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