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The UK’s Driving Opinions

In order to try and uncover the most thought-provoking and interesting of the UK’s driving opinions, temporary insurance provider Dayinsure surveyed a range of the British public to find out what they thought about some of driving’s hot topics. Enquiring about everything from whether current speed limits in the UK are too low, to whether older people should be made to take another driving test later in life, it asks the questions everyone has an opinion on.

The infographic was made to display the main findings from the piece and acts as a takeaway from the article. Highlighting some of the key results, it focuses on the most shocking feedback the British public gave, and potentially the most controversial of opinions.

The main article on the Dayinsure blog is a much more thorough look at all of the questions asks. It also breaks down the results more, looking at the potential implications of the viewpoints expressed and how they aligned with current laws and regulations.

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