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What is the best tourist attraction in the world?

When you visit a world-famous tourist attraction, what is it that makes the experience a cut above the rest? Is it free entry, round-the-clock access or the fact the attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? In order to find out which tourist attraction is the best in the world, ROL Cruise put 25 of the world’s best tourist attractions under the microscope, examining the above factors as well as their number of Instagram hashtags and average online review rating.

Out of the 25 top attractions examined, ROL Cruise determined the leading tourist attraction to be Machu Picchu, with Niagara Falls, Christ the Redeemer, the Golden Gate Bridge and Victoria Falls following close behind. The attraction coming in last was Robben Island, with the London Eye and the Pyramids of Giza taking 24th and 23rd place respectively.

As well as showcasing these intriguing results, the infographic’s accompanying article also delves into the reasons why some attractions fared better than others, while also including first-hand experiences of travel bloggers who have been lucky enough to visit these world-renowned tourism hotspots for themselves.

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