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Ibiza Top 15 Beaches


This Infographic is a list of the 15 most beautiful, iconic and popular beaches in Ibiza, worldwide famous island and major holiday destination.

-‘Beautiful’ is referred to beaches with unspoiled natural landscape and sea floor. Two good examples are Las Salinas (01) or Aguas Blancas (14).

-‘Iconic’ are in some way representative of Ibiza. For example, Benirrás (15) is famous for an event every Sunday afternoon in summer, which represents the hippie culture so deeply rooted to the island.

-‘Popular’ re famous day or night-time party beach, which attracts the interest of many visitors to it. ‘Playa d’en Bossa’ (06) is an example, as many visitors come to Ibiza for its parties, rather than the islands natural beauty.

Icons are explained inside the infographic and seek to give useful information to first time visitors about what people usually look for in Ibiza.

This beach selection and the information given are based on personal experience, locals and traveler reviews, paper publications and online articles. There are around 30 more beaches that are not listed here, many of them real beauties that are very worth visiting. Opinions may differ and we encourage you to visit the more places the better during your stay in Ibiza.

Infographic Created by the Real Estate Agency Kelosa, based in Ibiza.