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We accept the submission of infographics on a wide variety of topics. All of the infographic submissions go through moderation to ensure that they adhere to our quality guidelines. To ensure that your infographic is accepted and published please follow the guidelines below.

Option 1 – Express Submission (single submission):

$29.95 Your price – only $15.00

Option 2 – Express Submission (3 submissions):

$89.95 Your Price – Only $30 (use your 3 submissions anytime over 12 months from purchase)

What you get:

  • Infographic reviewed and posted within 48 hours of receipt
  • We will link to your website (as per the website address you provide in the submission form) as the source
  • Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (5000+ followers) promotion
  • Guaranteed home page exposure for at least 7 days
  • All that, for only $15 (single submission) or $30 (3 submissions) to cover our time to review, publish and promote for you!

When filling out the submission form, please include the following information…

  • Title – A short informative title that summarizes your infographic
  • Image Address – The actual image URL, not the blog post URL
  • DescriptionAn original description that is at least 100-300 words in length that describes the content or topic of your infographic (think of it like a mini article on the topic).
  • Company/Author Name – Provide the official business or author name
  • Seen On URL – This is the URL of the original blog post for the infographic

Just a reminder, a genuine 100-300 word description of the infographic (not an overview of your business) needs to be included with your submission. If your infographic is good and your description adequate, it’ll get posted.

Do we offer free submissions?

Yes we do! Feel free to submit your infographic below and we’ll place your infographic (subject to review) in the submission queue. Please note that we have an approximate queue of 35 days (as of 24th May 2016) for publication of free submissions.

Let’s get your infographic published!

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Option 1 – Express Submission (single submission):

$29.95 Your price – only $15

Option 2 – Express Submission (3 submissions):

$89.95 Your Price – Only $30 (use your 3 submissions anytime over 12 months from purchase)

By submitting this form you agree and understand that:

Infographic Submission Guidelines

  • No nudity, graphic images, or obscenities
  • You must be an official representative or original designer/owner
  • You have ensured that all facts, data and other information presented in your work are fair, accurate and verifiable
  • You are not uploading infographics that contains artwork or other assets that aren’t created by you or for which you do not have a copyright or that you do not have permission to use
  • We cannot guarantee publication of any infographic (refund provided within 24 hours if rejected)
  • We may use extracts from your infographic (e.g. thumbnails or key information) to promote your work on this website
  • Your infographic may be published alongside relevant advertising or affiliate links providing goods, services and products
  • If your work is published on this site, it will be promoted and shared on social media and through other means

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