Best 9 Tools to Make Creative Infographics

Creative Infographics

Infographics are a unique and creative way to create a visual representation of information and present that information in a more readable and memorable manner. Infographics provide detail in a compact form, which is easier to read and understand than plain paragraphs and blocks of text.

The best infographics can boost your target audience reach and can make your website more user-friendly. However, infographic design–whether for social media, a video infographic, an infographic resume, or as a way to improve the overall appearance of your content–can be a tedious task if you do not know how to use the proper tools.

There are various online tools available which allow you to create infographicsthat work. With little to no effort, you will look like a graphic designer in no time. We have compiled a list of the best 9 infographic tools to use for your website:

Unlock Your Creativity with these Top Infographic Tools


Venngage is a free infographic creator that allows you to create visually stunning and easy-to-read infographics. They provide an extensivecatalog of templates and designs so you can pick out the one that is best suited to your needs.

You can choose from several other options as well including reports, posters, andpromotions. In the infographic section of the website, you can find tools to make the infographics you need based on statistical, informational, and even comparative data.


Visme is a multi-dimensional tool that allows you to create a visually appealing infographic for presentations, banners, and mock-ups.This visual representation tool was developed with the needs of marketing professionals in mind.

One of the major features of this tool is its versatility. You can even design interactive infographics featuring links, pop-ups,andother types of animation. There are several free templates available in the catalog which you can use and customize.

While this is advertised as a free tool, premium accounts enjoy added benefits and a larger library oftemplatesto choose from to ensure you produce one great infographic after another.

If you are looking for a tool that isn’t super complicated and doesn’t require you to pay a considerable amount for the ability to use premium tools and templates, then is for you. provides users with several options including presentations, banners, documents,and infographics.

With, infographics are versatile and easy. This visual representation tool offers shapes, text,and charts to make the infographics much more engaging.


Infogram is a data-centric visual representation tool that allows you to create vibrant infographics. Being data-centric, Infogram provides users with the ability to connect to data sources such as excel sheets and other databases.

This infographic maker then updates the infographic on your website as your Excel sheets or databases themselves update; this saves you time and effort and provides a reliable way to connect your database rather than manually having to enter the data yourself.

There are several templates available on the front page of the website so you can get started right away.


Canva is an all-powerful free online infographic maker you can use to make exciting infographics without having to know everything about designs. Even though it is a free tool, you will need a premium account for customized images, fonts,and other templates.

Canva allows you to choose from several of their built-in elements including banners, icons, and even characters. The infographics take up to 30 minutes to make,andyou can customize the templates according to your specific needs.

Canva also provides a lot of space within the website to store your uploaded images or your customized templates. Even for using premium photos, you only have to pay a very small amount which makes it easier on the budget.


PiktoChart is a free online tool which prides itself on being the easiest infographic designing tool available. The PiktoChart tool offers several free and premium templates for creating infographics which can be fully customized according to your data and images.

In fact, you can import the numbers from an excel sheet or a database and connect it with a map, chart, or any other template of your choice. PiktoChart offers a wide range of icons and elements you can use in your infographic as well.

Furthermore, there is no licensing fee or attribution, making it a hassle-free option. Another major feature of this tool is that it offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Infographics made using this tool allow Google to find them using keywords provided within the infographic material.


Snappa is a versatile tool thatprovides you with several templates and tools. As a result, you can make interactive and visually stunning infographics with your data. Snappa is for both novice designers as well as experts.

You can use and customize your theme and design according to the thousands of templates available. Moreover, Snappa provides you with a large catalog of font styles, icons,and images. You can use these to make your infographic interactive and easy to read. You can also use this tool free of cost. However, premium versions are also available for a small monthly payment.


Animaker is perhaps the most efficient way to make your data look interactive and fun. This free tool allows users to create data-centric animations and videos. You can make these videos and animations in just an hour. All you need is a script or a screenplay in your mind and you are done.

The tool is easy to use,andyou can import your data from your spreadsheets. Consequently, you can allow the visual representation tool to incorporate it into the video.


Videos and animations add much more value to your data. They make displaying your information much more appealing and do not require a lot of reading or effort for your audience. Biteable provides an easy way to create such data-centric videos and infographic animation.

You can start from scratch or choose an existing template and then add your own data and images to customize it. You do not need to be an expert graphic designer or even beconversant with video editing to use this tool successfully.

Wrap Up

Infographics are one of the key tools for information display. Not only do they aid in providing the viewer with readable information, but they also make the experience moreinteresting and engaging.

With the infographic designing tools we have listed above, you can boost your website’s reach quickly and effectively. This way, you can attract alargernumber of potential clients toyour online business.

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