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Data visualization, big data, and data storytelling - these are some phrases you might have heard if you belong in the marketing sphere. Recent research in psychology shows that the human brain processes visual data much faster and easier than any other format which shows just how important visualization can be for any strategy.

Modern marketing, whether for social media, video or just looking to improve your marketing content,has evolved from crude marketing techniques to a wicked blend of art and science. The art factors of a marketing strategy let you think of the actual marketing techniques. In fact, they can help you to make them even more creative and eye-catching.

However, the science factors involved in marketing aid in figuring out what kind of techniques have worked before for other organizations. It also helps in determining who the audience is and how that audience's attention can be grabbed through proper marketing and the power of visualization.

Data helps immensely with the science factors of any marketing strategy. However, before we begin to use data for our benefit, look at charts and graphs, or start creating an infographic for digital marketing, we must first fully understand it. For this purpose, creative visualization tools are available.

Let us take a look at how and why you can use these visualization techniques for your own benefit.

Visuals Speed Up the Process

The most common way to represent data is in the form of a spreadsheet. While having a spreadsheet may keep your data organized and clean, it is not exactly readable. Creative visualization of that data makes it easier on the brain to process.

It only takes about 13 milliseconds for the brain to process visual data.This is exactly the kind of speed necessary to keep yourself up to speed with the fast-changing market.

Using these visuals to see where the leads are in a pipelined project may help you improve your marketing strategy without having to spend several hours figuring it out.

Marketing teams can also easily see how the leads are affecting the development of the project. They can then adjust their campaigns accordingly.

Using creative visualization speeds up the analytical processes and helps make significant improvements in the system.

Helps Uncover Trends and Patterns

As marketers, we know that opportunity is present on every trending aspect of the project. To grab hold of those opportunities, it is essential to know where that trend is coming from this can include figuring out which product is more likable, or which web page generates the most traffic.

Usually, using a spreadsheet would take hours and a lot of manual paperwork and it can become extremely frustrating to deal with all those numbers. But, with the creative visualization of data using charts, graphs, or maps, the entire ordeal becomes easier. When you plot the data, the patterns become vivid,and trends in the data can be identified.

The information gained can then be used to extract other information regarding the ideal customer profile. Doing so allows you to plan strategically for the future.

The Message Sticks

Message Sticks

Always keep in mind that when facts and data are paired up with relevant visuals, they are much more likely to stick in the minds of people. You can firmly settle your idea in the minds of your audience by using a narrative as well as creative visuals.

Research has shown that people only remember half of what they hear following a ten-minute oral presentation and this number dropped to 25% the next day and even less in the days following. However, when the oral presentation included visuals the small retention percentage goes up to 65%.

The narrative acts as a guide through the relevant information and the visual data provides support for this narrative.

As a marketer, you can also put this data to use for other purposes. You can use creative visualization techniques to track the monthly or weekly progress of the sources and campaigns. A lot of the tools available allow you to enter the data continuously,and it updates the data on the chart, graph, or maps instantly.

Triggers Change

Data visualization is an effective and proven way of bringing change in the way people think. Marketing charts, graphs, and maps, andallow the marketing team to quickly change and adapt to the evolving trends of their leads.

The marketing team can effectively figure out where their leads are the strongest when they incorporate visual data. They can then present this visual data to the sales teams who can work on future leads from those sources exclusively.

On the other hand, marketing visuals also show where the marketing strategies and campaigns are not effective,and where the leads are weak. Knowing this information can help change the way the marketing team targets that particular source and they can then quickly improve.

Increases Credibility

We have already stressed how much data visualization impacts the mind. The human brain responds to visual data much more effectively than crude and raw data. A lot of the organizations have credible and crude data that the audience needs to see.

They can do this to support a particular narrative to increase sales or customer interaction. However, the end result should be something that increases your organization’s credibility while still appealing to the general audience.

If you can use creative visualization tools and techniques to visually present the data, then the audience is much likely to believe it.

You can use infographics, charts, maps, and graphs to appeal to the audience’s mind while still presenting them with the valuable data you collected.

Wrap Up

Marketing teams need to continually work with creative visualizations of their data to stay relevant in this fast-changing industry. These visualizations will not only help your organization stay on the top of their game, but they will also helpan organizationproperly collaborate with the sales team. Finding this balanced cooperation between both teams can ultimately mean that the organization flourishes.

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