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Professional Window Cleaning vs DIY [Infographic]

The window cleaning business is one of the most fast expanding business fields, with a growing customer base with every single day. More and more people decide to choose the services of a professional window cleaning company instead of trying to clean their windows on their own, and this infographic shows the most common reasons why.

We, the experts from Paul’s Window Cleaning Melbourne conducted a serious research among our clients, and found out which are the most common reasons for people to prefer to let someone else clean their windows. We also researched the basics of the window cleaning business in Australia to show the current condition on the market and all the benefits from opening and owning such a business.

People nowadays are so busy with their work and everyday activities, that they often neglect to take a better care of their home, and particularly the windows. It’s proven that even the most busy person will find time to sweep the floors a little, but the windows often get neglected for months, which is simply unacceptable. Fortunately, now there are plenty of experts to take care of that.

Source: Paul’s Window Cleaning Melbourne / Allisson Wright